Friday, June 29, 2012

Preparing to go OVER THERE

Uncle George Stevens Sherwood, while in training at Camp Logan before heading off to WWI, sent many letters and photos home.  Not all have been matched up to the letters.  We were able to match up one photo with this letter as well as  a not listed but still fun photo of George and his "tentmates."   First names are missing, but tentmates are "Wahlstadt, Marshall and Sherwood."

"Camp Logan, Houston, Tex.

Sunday, P.M. Oct 28, ‘17

Well, here I am back in my tent. Just got back from town, where I went with Mohr, whose picture I herein enclose. We took a jitney and got to the M. E. church just in time for church, 10:30 A.M. Were treated fine by the people there. Heard some fine music by choir, also vocal and violin solos, then a fair sermon. Got out of church at 12:45. Just went straight from there down to Thompson’s Cafeteria where two poached eggs on toast and a piece of hot mince pie set me back 25 cents but they were worth it at that. Then we walked out to the union station and around town awhile, then went to a movie then chartered a fliver and came back to camp. And now I am writing to my dear folks back home, or at least trying to when the noise in here will allow me to.
You ask for a sketch of our days work. So I give an abbrieved (coined by me) schedule:

5:45 First Call
6:00 Assembly and Roll Call (as fully dressed)
6:10 Physical exercise
6:30 Mess
8:00 Drill or Detail work
12:00 Mess
1:30 Drill, work or loaf
5:30 Retreat
6:00 Mess
10:00 Taps –lights out

(Photo of Mohn - otherwise known as #5 below)

I am still waiting to hear how much I owe you.
This is a nice sunshiny day with cool breeze blowing.
If I don’t get down to real work soon I will be as fat as ever, I guess. Did I tell you before that we have received over 1,000 draft men from Rockford.

Now to explain the views or snapshots, I should say.
No. 1 is explained on the back. Our tent is next to last to be seen at far end of street.
No. 2. Mohr took of me when I was grinning and faking a salute, not thinking he was ready to shoot.
No. 3 Also explained on back.
No. 4 Lowery and I are studying surveying out of my book together.
No. 5. I snapped of Mohn so you could see what my pal looked like. Also so I’d have one to keep.
No. 6 was also taken the day of the Liberty Loan Celebration.

I will send you some more soon. Don’t for heavens sake let anyone see No. 2. It is awful.

Love to al,

George Sherwood"

Sunday, June 24, 2012

THEN AND NOW -- The home of Grace Gulvin Sherwood Doud

A few years ago I went to visit the address of my Great-Great-Great Aunt Grace Gulvin Sherwood Doud.  I had known she had lived at 3504 North Mason Avenue in Tacoma and wondered if the house was still there.   Grace Gulvin was the youngest daughter of Richard William Sherwood and Mary Ann Gulvin.  Grace was named for her aunt, Grace Gulvin and when young Grace was young Mary Ann died.   Richard William Sherwood then married his former sister-in-law Grace Gulvin and she was then both mother and aunt to the children.  She and Richard had three more children after that.  The younger Grace married Chester Doud and they were married from 1887 until 1921 when Chester passed away.  They had two sons, Roy (Royden) and Richard Doud.  After I had seen several of her letters I took a tour around Tacoma visiting the homes in which she had lived but I wasn't sure if it was the same house or if it was the same lot.  I thought it likely, but wasn't completely sure.  I took the color photos posted here in 2008 and discovered today the vintage photos mailed to her brother and sister-in-law, William and Ella Jane Sherwood in 1927.  Obviously it is the very home in which she lived.

 On the back of this photo it says that it was received in letter Dec 13, 1927.  Grace Doud had written "View of back of my home   - Grace Doud." 
 Two nearly identical views of the same house approximately 80 years apart.  The garage was nicely added so it's not obvious it was not an original part of the structure.
On the back of the photo it reads -- "The front of house facing the east with 3 lovely fir trees on the south side.  Grace (Pautsch - neice of Grace Doud and daughter of Clara Sherwood Pautsch) took the pictures this summer just before she went back home.  It was early and I hadn't raised the shades as the sun shines in pretty strong so the windows don't look just right as athough it had a blind side."
On the back -  "The front porch showing the wicker table and chair Grace and I painted.  They are green and oranged and looked so gay last summer.  The house was new when I bought a year ago last October (that would have been October of 1926).  Grace Doud's Home." 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Congrats Graduate Grandma -- A Century Ago -- from KENDALL HIGH SCHOOL

One hundred years ago (and a couple of weeks added because I did not think of this early enough), my grandmother Susan Rosina Sherwood graduated from Kendall High School in Kendall, Wisconsin.   I believe this is her graduation photo and I know this is her diploma, as I photographed the original. It is much to large to scan at home.  The diploma lists all the things in which the student had shown proficiency.  I'm impressed!  And not only does her diploma state that she was proficient, but Grandma spent her life attempting to influence her family, friends and political leaders of what was necessary for them to do the very best for themselves, their families and their country.   She loved the old farm known by various names over the decades - Spring Brook Farm; Pine Terraces; The Old Home Farm; The Old Weber Farm - and I do wonder how her life might have been different had she spread her little wings and flown away.  Since I inherited her penchant for nostalgia, I can hardly complain and I can't thank her enough for being the hoarder of family letters and history that she was.  Susan was the daughter of William and Ella Jane (Stevens (Atwater)) Sherwood.  She was born February 1, 1894 and went to meet her Maker on August 14, 1987.  She was mother to four children, William, Mary, Robert, all of whom have followed her there as well.  A century ago she had just reached this educational rite of passage and like all other graduates was looking toward what her future might hold.    She never went to college but she was very articulate and well able to communicate in writing.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baby Letha Lenore Sherwood in 1923

Letha Lenore Sherwood was born in October of 1922 in Utah (maybe Woodside, maybe Price), the eldest daugther of George and Atha Farnham Sherwood.   These are some of the earlierst photos I've seen. It says on the back that these photos were taken in Price Utah April 13, 1923. 

Letha was my father's first cousin and my father,Robert Sherwood Weber, was born ten or so days before the letter below was written and two months after these photos were taken. 

He is the subject of the comments about the "new boy" and "Dear Little Babe."  This letter gives a little insight into their daily lives. Top photos are George Sherwood and his daughter, Letha on the porch swing and then two  photos of Letha and Atha. 
"June 17, 1923
Dear Mother:
I suppose this letter will be at least two days late for your birthday, but am going to write it now anyhow and mail it tomorrow anyhow. Letha is teething and sure peevish, especially evenings, so with gardening operations and all have had no time this last week to get birthday letters off to you. Bless her heart, she has finally given up and gone to Slumber Lane by the sound. Or maybe it’s a false alarm.

Well, Mother O’Mine [Ella Jane Stevens Sherwood], wish we could be there to celebrate with you and that you had some of the lovely strawberries Atha canned last night to celebrate on too. But expect berries must be about ripe there by now too. How is Sister and the new boy. No news is good news we hope and trust but we anxiously wait a more detailed account as we have rec’d only your first hurried note. Well, I watered part of the company garden this A.M. and went out to Dora’s and cultivated a little this P.M. which is a heathenish way to spend Sunday and now I’m paying for it in being tired tired tired for we manage to keep on the jump from 8 AM to 6:30 PM at the Lumber Yard six days a week and I am well nigh held responsible for the loading and unloading as well as town deliveries now most of the time so it keeps me moving and planning.
Now with an earnest prayer that you may enjoy a birthday full of joy, health, and happiness tomorrow and on each succeeding June 18th for many years, I’ll close this letter of greeting and love to our dear dear Mother Mine.

[Changes to Atha’s handwriting]

Now I will add my little lines of Love and best wishes for a happy Birthday tomorrow and many more to follow. Wish we could all be together to make it more completely happy but as we can’t we can send our Love and Greetings by mail.

Well as it is late and the Baby finally gone to sleep I expect we better close this and sleep while we can as my Lover-Boy is very tired tonight.

Love to Susan and that Dear little Babe for us, also Daddy.

So much much Love to our Dear Mother from her loving Children.

Letha, Atha and George

Friday, June 01, 2012

1916 Explosion at Miller, South Dakota Roundhouse

I found this postcard with papers previously belonging to my step-great-grandmother, Ida Marie Sherman who married Charles Lorenzo Vandervort (and became step-mother to his three children)and a decade after he passed away she married John William Radloff.  Charles Lorenzo Vandervort worked for the railroad as an Assistant Master Mechanic.  He worked for the Milwaukee/St. Paul Railroad in Milwaukee from 1890 to 1901.  He worked for the Soo Line in Enderline N Dakota, Gladstone and Minneapolois from 1901 to Nov 1922.  He died in  1 941.  He worked for the Rail road for a total of 31 years according to his wife's notes. He and Ida likely had this postcard since they lived in North Dakota at that time.