Thursday, October 26, 2006

What? A Month?? Sheesh. .

What, it's been a month since I posted? Alas, this having to work, while trying to come up with a plan to continue working in another capacity after the first of the year, is a bit challenging. I feel a little manic-depressive (currently called bi-polar - but I actually FEEL manic-depressive and since I don't have a diagnosis, well. . . I'll call it what I want. After all, it's my blog). One minute I'm feeling relatively calm and positive about the future, slightly confident that I can pull off this self-employment stuff. The next observed minute, I'm panicking on the inside and playing minesweeper in an effort to not think about things. Yes, I can do this; no, I won't be able to, I'll crash and burn. . .I'll be a great success, I'll work hard and still have free time, no, I'll never figure this out, wait maybe I'm going about this the wrong way. . .

Nothing wrong with my brain :-)