Sunday, December 06, 2015

Gilbert Hahn and Ruth Volzka 65th Wedding Anniversary

My parents sent long newsy Christmas letters to their friends and relatives (and I was apparently infected with the same virus). At Christmas time in 1991 my parents received a card from Gilbert and Ruth Hahn and enclosed was a newspaper clipping describing their 65th wedding anniversary celebration in Racine, Wisconsin. Ruth's mother, Mary Weber (born in 1870), was sister to my Grandfather Herman Weber (who was born in 1879).  Mary Weber married August Volzka.  My Grandfather married Susan Sherwood.  Ruth and my father were cousins.  But the fact that Ruth was married 3 years after my father was born was an example of the fluidity of generations in families that have many children over a long period of time. 

The reference to the 1992 Weber reunion would be to the annual summer event often hosted in Wonewoc, Wisconsin.  And with this news article, when a couple reaches 65 years of marriage, it's enlightening and encouraging to hear their advice on long-term marital success!  Gilbert lived about another four years after this anniversary celebration and Ruth lived about two more years after that until she followed.