Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Mail from Maria Duval -- or Best Laugh of the Week

This week my dad got the most amazing letter.  He was informed that he had the select honor of being one of the special ones given the opportunity to have his future life forcast for free by Maria Duval of the Destiny Research Center.  This delightful opportunity will give him a chance to experience change, security, love, friendship and comfort.  Maria Duval is going to tell him the "Ultimate and Great Secret" that will give him all the things in life he has most desired.   
Dad is amazed at this splendid opportunity and can't wait to hear what this incredible person with the Astral-Clairvoyant abilities wants to predict about his future life. 

Oh wait --

Maria Duval -- what kind of a Clairvoyant are you?   I know you write that you are confident that you can help Dad realize all his hopes and dreams. 

I don't know how good you are at telling the future, but aparently your grasp on the past is a little more shaky.  Robert (dad) has been dead for 13 years and not likely to fill out your questionnaire and take you up on your offer!  He is already enjoying his future and he likely won't see you there!

Maria, your skill set seems to be a little shaky here!  You might want to get some continuing education hours under your belt.  

Probably this great Secret is not free either in spite of all the claims.  LOL!