Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Tulips

Last Thursday I met my sister and mom at the tulip fields in Woodland, Washington so that we could do a trade off of my kid and I could bring her home from her visit to Portland. Here are a few of the wonders that we saw ~ what a treat it was. Nothing says spring more than tulips!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hard to Get Work Done

It's hard to get work done when the "helpful" cat (Duncan, affectionately known as Dunkin' Punkin' or Dudley Doofus depending on who is speaking) has made himself quite at home on the printer! This is one of his favorite spots - no doubt because it is often warm.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Surprise Visit to Heceta Head Lighthouse

I started this blog initially because of my love of lighthouses and they were featured quite a bit at the beginning. Then I received all those family letters and my interest in those has superceded many other things. But last weekend I and my neighbors (5 of us women friends) went on a birthday trip for Mary to the Redwoods. What a fun, fun time we had. We rode, talked, ate, toured, relaxed and wined here and there. We five all stayed in one hotel room each night -- Grants Pass, OR; Crescent City, CA and finally Florence, OR on our way home. Beautiful weather, fabulous spring scenes -- so different from home where we got word that it had snowed while we were gone. Fancy that! Talk about being gone at the right time.

One of the highlights for me was a little side trip north of Florence to see the Heceta Head lighthouse. It's not that I don't see it every day as a photo on my office wall, but I'd never before actually seen it in person. Alas, the light had broken (not the fresnel lens, I believe, but some mechanism) and it had been off for a couple of weeks. A store cashier said that apparently if they let it continue operating it would have needed more repairs, so off it went. This is heresay, but as a matter of fact, the light was off. We stopped across the mouth of the river and took the first photos (alas, I had the camera on portrait for some reason) and then we drove over to the parking lot and hiked up the hill to see the lighthouse up close and personal. It was so much fun!

(I also got to see the Yacqina ligthouse from a distance, but as I had been there before I was willing to give up going off the beaten path for that one since not everyone loves lighthouses and wants to stop at every sign.) And, besides, by the end of the trip we were a bit like horses on the way to the barn. Well, that's not quite true. It wasn't the barn at the end of day that was the lure, it was the Woodburn Outlet Mall ~~!
In this photo you can see the edge of the Fresnel lens (which, alas, I didn't get to watch in operation on this trip) as well as the curtain which protects it from the sun during the day. It was nice to see it was being cared for in spite of being off for awhile. There is a lovely former keepers house adjacent to the lighthouse that is a bed and breakfast! It looks fabulous! You can check it out at I went there and it also says they have a seven course brunch on Easter Sunday and Mother's Day. Well, it looks like we did pick the wrong weekend to visit - altho I can't imagine being away from our families on those two days anyway.

But if we didn't get to eat a seven course breakfast at the lighthouse, we did get to eat clam chowder and other yummy things at Mo's both in Florence and in Newport so we had a culinary delight anyway. I love their garlic cheese bread! And I discovered Mo is a she. Go figure - why else would the food be so good. I don't know what Mo is short for, but likely "MOGNIFICENT"!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Welcome Home George Sherwood on USS Harrisburg

What a treat to discover among the family letters a postcard from Uncle George letting Herman and Susan as well as Will and Ella Jane that he had arrived at last from "Over There." And along with that postcard, a booklet of photos of the USS Harrisburg, all looking nearly as they did when they were printed

April Fools, Day Two

Well, I thought it was April Fools on April 1st when it snowed most of the day (didn't stick much), but couldn't believe it this morning when we got up to news of "slush on the roads." Sure enough, there it was another little snow frosting on the cake of spring! Blossoms on the plum tree with snowflakes on the rhodies. Bring on the global warming!!